Doncaster GP Training


Note that training is severely affected by Covid 19


Updated HEE advice today (26th March) is that ALL training will be cancelled until further notice (and for at least until the end of June)


All study leave is cancelled and trainees should be in normal place of work to help with this crisis. The only teaching or study time will be debriefs. We are still running the office for queries and will be sending out regular updates - there will also be a Zoom video Q&A on Tuesday 7th April at 2pm  - you will be sent email invites - please dowwnload the App.


For those returning after time off due to maternity leave or long term sickness or time out of training - you should have had a letter about this from HEE - we have attached it to the files here as well.



GP training in Doncaster has been going since the 1970s when training was in its infancy and seen as an unnecessary 'fad'. Since then we have advanced in leaps and bounds, increasing from 10 trainees in the late 1980s to over 60 now!




We are based at the Education centre at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. A purpose built training centre for NHS staff with fully equiped rooms for larger and smaller groups. All rooms have internet access, with computers, TV monitors and screens.




Sessions are run at least 40 weeks per year, usually on tuesday afternoons when study leave has been negotiated from both training practices and the hospital posts.


The sessions run from 2 to 5 pm and on selected days we run whole day sessions including mock exams in AKT and CSA and arrange trips to other venues. At the end of the summer and Christmas terms we usually have an awayday and quiz session.



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