Below you will find a list of some of web sites we think are useful. Why not take a look at them?

Royal College homepage
Website for Doctors blogs in the UK
Yorkshire Deanery Homepage
Guidelines for disease management
Doncaster Commisioning Group
News and education magazine
All guidelines collated under one roof!
Polices and documents on Sickness, Maternity, Less than full time training etc
Things to do and see around Doncaster
Official website
Website for those considering Medicine
Regulation and Professionalism
Inforamtion on all medical careers
Website infroamtion & leaflets for patients
Current evidence based advice
Access to GP notebook and BMJ learning
Probably the best VTS website - amazing
Instant brief knowledge summaries
Broad knowledge based site not just GP


National formulary for medicines and conditions
Charity page for elderly patients advice
Diabetes charity
Arthritis charity with good resources
Charity - all things heart related
Charity for Hypertension
Excellent New Zealand Dermatology site
Medical conditions affecting driving
ECG site for those of us who struggle!
Official government site
Renal Charity site
Useful site for up to date guidance
LMC website the organisation that protects us
Main site for the hospitals that cover Doncaster
New guidance on access and applying for CSA courses
Level 1 - 3 Safeguarding online