Why choose Doncaster for your training?


The Course

The Location

The Practices

The Hospital posts


The course


We think we provide an outstanding course based on the needs of the trainees across all three years. All our sessions are facilitated by the programme directors or GP trainers and we use the feedback to continualy expand and change our course.

The sessions are usually in year groups apart from important large areas of the curriculum such as ethics


We try not to use didactic methods with many powerpoints but use these as an introdcution and then usually break into smaller groups


We base our sessions around three core areas:


The Knowledge

 We try and help cover some of the more inaccessible curriculum areas and develop your skills in self-discovery, self-critique and ‘new developments’ Updates to guidlelines and protocols, significant events etc. Tools used include:

  • Reflection
  • Case Discussion
  • Appraisal [yearly]
  • Factual discussions
  • 'Hot' topics
  • Special ‘Expert’ Sessions
  • Question Time
  • Debates


The Consultation

 Consultation styles and their uses. We try and develop your consultation styles and skills needed in todays consultations. We teach theory as well as using videos both prepared and trainees from actual practice. As well as roleplay sessions, and preparation for the CSA exam using experienced examiners and professional actors.


The Practice

Often missed out in training, we use an innovative 'Virtual Practice' to showcase and develop learning on the running of a practice; from staff contracts and discipline, to finances and salaries, information management and government targets and incentives, as well as partnership agreements.

The aim is to use a backdrop of a working general practice to help develop knowledge needed to survive in the increasingly competitive world of primary care.


The Location


Doncaster is very well located from our main feeder University of Sheffield, it is actually only 25 miles in distance and due to motorway links is actually quicker to get to by car than travelling across Sheffield in the rush hour!

With fast motorway links as well as a fast train service to Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester as well as Edinbrough and Newcastle. London is only 1 hr 30 mins away!


For sports fanatics Doncaster has a leading racecourse, famous for holding the St Ledger race in September, with meets throughout the year. We also have both a 1st Division Football team and Championship Rugby Union team and a Rugby League team. There are numerous gyms and sports facilities as well as an Ice skating rink and ten pin bowling alley and lakes for boating, canoeing and jetskiing.


For entertainment there is a multiscreen Vue cinema as well as a brand new £20m purpose built theatre and established museum


There is an expanding airport and a variety of good affordable housing in differing locations from flats to townhouses and homes in outlying villages such as Bawtry and Tickhill


See the image gallery and links to things to do and see for inspiration


The Practices 


Trainees are placed in practices all over Doncaster from urban to rural and inbetween - we have a wide selection of practices, most with many years of training experience behind them. Most practices have more than one trainer thus providing a rich learning experiecne as well as the advantage of having another trainee with you in the practice. Our current practices and trainers are here.


The Hospital Posts


Doncaster Royal Infirmary is the main hospital for posts, with a purpose built new education centre.





There are also the usual range of valuable GP related posts available:


Obstetrics and gynaecology




In addition there are some giving experience in important areas of General Practice, rare on some training schemes:



Palliative Care



Care of the Elderly


For a broader range of learning useful for General Practice we also have posts in: